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ECRA/ESA License #7000104

Wayne’s Electric Inc. is proud to be recognized as a member of the Electrical Safety Authority's (ESA) Authorized Contractor Program (ACP). The Authorized Contractor Program was developed by ESA to identify those Contractors who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Safety Code compliant work at a level that reinforces public electrical safety.

The Authorized Contractor Program boasts that only the best Electrical Contractors are current members, only those Electrical Contractors who do consistent, code compliant work, are allowed on and are permitted to remain on, the Program.

As a result, the ESA will selectively inspect work done by Wayne’s Electric rather than conduct full electrical inspections.

By using Wayne’s Electric, our clients experience the following benefits:

The Electrical Safety Authority is the authority responsible for public safety in Ontario. ESA is working to ensure that electrical installations in Ontario meet the Code requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. This Code requires that an application for inspection be filed with ESA for electrical installations and wiring done in your home or business facility.
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ECRA/ESA License #7000104